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In this place bathed in light, customers benefit from premium hairdressing services. The care team offers tailor-made cuts according to the personality of the clients and cutting-edge coloring techniques such as varnishing and brushing. In this almost intimate place, cut off from the noise of the street and the other floors of the store, we admire her new haircut in the large mirrors of the living room and we contemplate the beauty of the ceiling.

The moment of tranquility can also be extended in the three large armchairs placed in the center of the living room. Besides the classy decoration of the central room, the living room reveals another cozy place. A treatment room equipped with ultra comfortable armchairs in which you spend a moment of unique beauty made with the products of the biggest brands (L'Oréal Professionnel, Kérastase, Shu Uemura). This is an address to discover absolutely to be pampered with or without an appointment.

It has been able to modernize year after year and offers a multitude of hairstyles. It also adapts to all styles and can be sophisticated, rock or even romantic. To accompany you these next seasons, there is only the embarrassment of the choice. Long cuts can display a subtle gradient to give dimension to the hairstyle or play it more graphic with little worked lengths.

To deconstruct the cut or discipline very lace wigs uk thick hair, hairdressers delicately taper the tips. So you can play with your desires of the moment. Between wild look or wise look, there is only one step. The cut is crumpled, plated, crepe or smoothed, it allows you to change your look instantly. You can also fall for a fringe, still essential.

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