#1 The result is hairstyles with curls and a lot of structure von bebelisa12 15.01.2020 04:41

Art Director: Andrey Pulin
Hairstyles: Andrey Pulin, Ekaterina Savannikova, Nikita Kavlakan, Oksana Solovieva and Anastasia Mokhova
Make-up: Daria Stakhovskaya
Production design: Olga Dikun
Photos: Georgiy Semenov
Clothes: Stas Lopatkin

The creative team of employees from the Wies buy lace wigs uk hair studios in Mammendorf, Eichenau, Fürstenfeldbruck, Landsberg and Maisach has designed its own collection again this year and was inspired by the zest for life of its many customers. Movement in life, movement in the head and movement on the head - the collection viva la Wieser in line with the song by Coldplay "Viva la Vida" celebrates life with its ups and downs, its detours and frills.

The result is hairstyles with curls and a lot of structure that flatter the wearers, look cheeky, sometimes even cocky. Because the Wies hair studios see themselves as family salons for the whole family, customers of different generations stood in front of the camera and prove impressively that good looks are not a privilege of the youth. As a fashionable addition to the moving stylings, the team worked with fashionable pastel colors and placed emphasis on the current, striking pony variants.

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