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That would strain the hair too much. In the worst case, your hair could even break off after the combination of dyeing and keratin straightening. The best thing to do is ask your hairdresser how long you have to wait after straightening with the keratin miracle cure before you can dye your hair again.

Keratin smoothing: what does it cost?
Keratin smoothing is not exactly cheap. Depending on the hairdressing salon, hair length and how much hair you have, the keratin straightening costs between 200 and 450 euros - and can take three to five hours for many buy human hair wigs hairs. A much cheaper alternative to get your hair straight is of course the flat iron. This will get your hair straight, but this method is not permanent.

Keratin smoothing NEW
Keratin smoothing: how long does it last?
The Keratin product washes out a little more with every hair wash. A keratin straightening lasts between three and six months, then you have to repeat the treatment if you want to keep your hair straight. Often, however, this is not necessary: A desired side effect of the keratin treatment can be that your waves buy lace wigs "hang out", that is, the curl comes back much later. So think carefully whether you want to permanently straighten your hair with keratin or prefer the variety and freedom to only wear your hair straight for a short time.

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