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With the hustling world around and such busy schedules Cheap Terrell Brandon Jersey , we often overlook our health, especially the oral health. Taking good care of your oral health is a worthy goal and can prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath. With more and more research going on Cheap Jordan Clarkson Jersey , there are plenty of reasons to brush and floss. An unhealthy mouth, specifically having gum disease may increase the risk of serious health problems like stroke, diabetes, heart attack Cheap George Hill Jersey , and preterm labor.

What Oral Health Reveals?

The oral health reveals plenty about your overall health and that's the reason why a swab of saliva can reveal volumes to your doctor about your health in general. The oral health often helps in detecting the early signs of systematic disease i.e. conditions that affect the entire body and not just a part like AIDS or diabetes. As per the Academy of General Dentistry, around 90 percent of all systematic diseases affect oral health and can be detected by same.

Saliva As A Tool

Saliva can be collected and tested for a variety of substances, revealing all kind of issues with your general health. From cortisol levels to certain bone-specific proteins to certain cancer markers, all of it can be traced and identified by a swab of saliva. With the pace at which we are discovering utilities of saliva testing Cheap Kevin Love Jersey , it won't be a wonder if it replaces blood test for monitoring diseases like diabetes, cirrhosis, Parkinson's disease, and many other infections in near future.

It is even more important now that you get routine saliva testing. If your busy schedule leaves you no time Cheap LeBron James Jersey , even weekends will work. Dentists are open and available on Saturdays for all kind of procedures and check-ups.

Oral Health - The Source Of Infection

Not only does the oral health and your mouth reveal about the issues that might be prevalent in your body, they can also cause a few serious issues. Not brushing and flossing your teeth, can build up plaque along the gum line and will then attract bacteria between your gum and teeth. This condition is known as gingivitis. If not attended, gingivitis can lead to periodontitis which can then cause trench mouth.

Although Cheap Kyrie Irving Jersey , bacteria from the mouth, do not normally enter the bloodstream, having gum disease and then taking medication can often disrupt the balance and defenses hence allowing the bacteria with a portal into your bloodstream. Healthy immune systems can fight these bacteria but if you already have some condition or infection, it might get difficult for your body to fight with these newly entering bacteria.

Plaque And Resulting Conditions

Long-term gum infection can also result into loss of teeth and it doesn't stop there. Plaque and gum problems can directly or indirectly also cause some severe oral infections like:

Poorly controlled diabetes: chronic gum disease is known to cause to increase the risk of diabetes due to damaged insulin resistance.

Preterm birth: as per National Institute of dental and craniofacial research Cheap Cleveland Cavaliers Hats , at least 18 percent of preterm birth is attributed to oral infections.

Cardiovascular disease: oral inflammation can cause or play a role in clogged arteries and blood clots hence increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

We hope that if you didn't already have enough reasons to take care of your oral health, we have now provided you with some compelling reasons. The relationship between oral and general health is the most compelling reason for you to take good care of yourself.

Go visit your dentist, for a routine checkup and for knowing how to improvise your oral health. Take out time and book your appointment with dentists are open on Saturdays as well.
Keep smiling! Be healthy!

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